Once an EWH Kit ( is built, chapters can use them to develop and share Kit Projects. These projects build on the teaching value of kits by providing simple, low cost projects in an open source setting. Have an idea or developments to share? Email [email protected]
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Heart Rate Display

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  • Heart Rate Display

    Goal: To create a low cost display that show's a users heart rate detected by EWH's Optical heart rate monitor

    Status: This project has been attempted, but needs more refinement before it is ready for use in a class room setting. If you would like to work on developing this project contact [email protected] or feel free to try on your own!

    EWH OHRM Kit:
    Additional circuity, processing and display components. Use of a small computer such as Audrino or Raspberry Pi may be best approach.

    Past Developments:

    Instructions for Raspberry Pi based display. Not buffered, use caution when assembling, you can damage the Raspberry Pi.