The Need:
Autoclaves are the most common way to sterilize medical tools, gowns, and other instruments used in healthcare. Autoclaves use steam and pressure over a set period of time to achieve this. To ensure that a sterilizer is thoroughly sterilizing its contents, the technician needs to know that the specific minimum threshold temperature was reached and for how long it was maintained during a particular sterilization cycle. Classic sterilizer testing techniques (such as Bowie-Dick test cards) are disposable and can, in addition to being too expensive, be very hard to find in resource poor settings.

The Technology:
A reusable, reliable but low cost means of testing steam sterilizers
Data acquisition and reporting of time and temperature (optional)

Specifications and Restrictions:
This technology is intended only as a design research project and should not be manufactured for healthcare use without following proper regulations.

Resources and Previous Work: