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Low Power Blood Pressure Assist Device

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  • Low Power Blood Pressure Assist Device

    The Need:

    While many philanthropic studies focus on “high-profile” killers such as HIV and malaria, the primary cause of death throughout the developing world still stems from issues related to the heart. The WHO has begun to seriously consider the growing number of hypertensive patients throughout the world. A major barrier to tackling this health care challenge is recording consistently accurate blood pressure measurements.

    The Technology:

    A low cost, easy-to-use device to assist a minimally-trained person in taking the blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer.

    The device should easily mechanical connect to the existing sphygmomanometer (clamp around the tubing, for example) that amplifies the pressure signal. With the signal now visible, the oscillatory BP method is possible with a standard sphygmomanometer. This eliminates the need to be trained to identify Korotkoff sounds (the oscillatory use of a sphygmomanometer does not require a stethoscope).

    Specifications and Restrictions:

    This project is intended only as a design research project at this stage and should not be manufactured for healthcare use without following proper regulations.

    The user should be able to identify at least systolic pressure without training (only picture instructions).
    Ideally the user should be able to identify diastolic pressure with minimal training.

    Resources and Previous Work: