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Hardened automatic blood pressure machine

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  • Hardened automatic blood pressure machine

    The Need:
    Non-invasive blood pressure machines are now available for about $25 at some drug stores and on-line shops. The expectation is that they would be used once or twice per day at home (about 300-600 cycles per year). These devices will last many years when used according to expectations. However, when these are donated to the developing world, they are used 24 hours per day, seven days per week (about 5000-10,000 cycles per day). The devices last only a few weeks in these conditions.

    The Technology:
    A low-cost, automatic blood pressure cuff designed for low resource settings. Longevity should match other hospital grade equipment while using minimal power. The device should be wall powered, potentially with a battery backup system. The pumping aspect of current automatic cuffs require considerable energy and complexity and could be an area for further innovation.

    Specifications and Restrictions:
    This technology is intended only as a design research project and should not be manufactured for healthcare use without following proper regulations.

    Resources and Previous Work: