The Need:
In low-resource healthcare, oxygen concentrators are a low cost solution when expensive bottled or piped gases are not available. They are used extensively in EWH partner hospitals. However, oxygen concentrators have a limited lifespan due to the zeolite crystals used for nitrogen sequestration becoming ineffective over time. Small, mobile oxygen concentrators must be serviced by the manufacturer to replenish the zeolite. Typically it is more economical to buy a new concentrator than manage replenishment of the zeolite. In larger hospital or manufacturing scale concentrators, the zeolite is replaceable. Furthermore, because of the depletion of zeolite, concentrators are often built to only last a few years. Poor quality cases, connections and wiring are continual problems in low-resource hospitals.

The Technology:
An oxygen concentrator designed specifically for low resource settings, with features that included increased durability and ability to replenish zeolite canisters.

Specifications and Restrictions:
This technology is intended only as a design research project and should not be manufactured for healthcare use without following proper regulations.

Resources and Previous Work:

Video about oxygen concentrators: