The Need:
Otoscopes, despite being a relatively simple technology, face many challenges in low-resource settings. The initial purchase cost of otoscope is a barrier, but more often reliability and accessibility of the battery causes the most problems. Otoscope batteries are often specific, and only the most expensive models offer high durability, battery life and optical quality.

The Technology:
LED technology, along with more innovative power methods, could solve these issues. Additionally, allowing for adaptation to a smartphone camera or other imaging method could allow for remote diagnosis and integration into electronic medical records.

For example, mass produced batteries for other applications could reduce battery costs and improve accessibility. Allowing for power directly from a wall plug would enable the device to be used while a replacement battery is sourced.

Specifications and Restrictions:
This technology is intended only as a design research project and should not be manufactured for healthcare use without following proper regulations.

Resources and Previous Work: