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Rough Terrain Equipment Transportation

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  • Rough Terrain Equipment Transportation

    The Need:

    Although progress is being made, most hospitals in developing countries were designed and built decades before the widespread use of advanced medical equipment. Many of these hospitals have sprawling campuses with breezeways and other open spaces between buildings. Furthermore, BMET offices are often located in the engineering area of the hospital with other large equipment, such as the back-up generator and incinerator. This results in BMETs often needing to transport large, sensitive equipment long distances over broken pavement, dirt paths and even stairs to reach the workshop.

    The Technology:

    A low-cost device that can assist with the transportation of large, sensitive equipment, over rough terrain.

    Specifications and Restrictions:

    Designs should use only locally available supplies and manufacturing.

    Be useful for a large variety of equipment, such as: Mobile surgical light, patient monitor on stand, anesthesia machine, ventilator, laboratory oven, oxygen tanks, etc...

    Resources and Previous Work:

    Hospital need report, 2017: