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ECG simulator - Raspberry Pi

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  • ECG simulator - Raspberry Pi

    The Need:

    The development of extremely economical computers, such as the Raspberry Pi, created the opportunity to develop open source training tools. EWH is interested in improving education access by developing an open source ECG Simulator that incorporates a Raspberry Pi computer.

    The goal of this project is to create an ECG simulator that allows the user to modulate the cardiac frequency. Including files of pathologically relevant ECG signals could help in the training of doctors and nurses. The output cardiac waveform should be viewable on an external display and on a patient monitor using a 3 lead ECG connection.

    The Technology:

    Raspberry Pi and associated accessories
    Integrated Display (Optional)
    ECG Simulator Kit

    Specifications and Restrictions:

    This device should be for education use, and is not intended for testing medical equipment in a healthcare setting.

    Resources and Previous Work: