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  • Equipment Repair Database

    Over the past decade EWH has accumulated over of repair reports. These contain detailed notes on the equipment and the type of malfunction. EWH is interested in organizing all of this data to direct training, design, and repairs in the field. This can be achieved through the development of a database that can analyze the reports to find the most common errors for a certain piece of equipment. Another useful output is the ability to track a particular piece of equipment over time using serial number data.

    A well developed database will be shared with the wider BMET community, providing useful information and repair details on common problems.

    Status: This a new project and no work or research has been completed. If you would like to work on developing this project contact [email protected] or feel free to try on your own!

    Sample Work Tracking Form data format:
    The database should be designed to retrieve information from files following this format.