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    Adviser: Robert Ssekitoleko

    1. President Motoy Asaph Musan
    [email protected]

    2. Vice President Nakafu Rose Ritah
    [email protected]

    3. Speaker Nalwoga Racheal Patricia
    [email protected]

    4. General Secretary Kwezi Louis Gawoma
    [email protected]
    Vice Secretary Alice Mercy
    [email protected]

    5. Treasurer Namayanja Martha Mackline
    [email protected]

    6. Innovations & Projects Chair Mubiru Isaac
    [email protected]

    7. Publicity Secretary - Internal Korwekwa Paula
    [email protected]

    8. Publicity Secretary - External Lutaaya Edward
    [email protected]

    9. Welfare Secretary Mbeiza Pauline Peace
    [email protected]

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    EWH Mak. Chapter

    The idea of eWHMak. was birthed by a member of the biomedical engineering class of Makerere University, class of 2014, under the guidance of Dr. Robert Ssekitoleko, the association grew fast with its first president Ainemujuni Collins,guiding it to launch an innovators' competition to solve health problems in the country, and the what was to be the first annual hospital outreach (to Entebbe Hospital) were, biomedical engineering students were trained to service, and fix some of the health equipment helped to success by Makerere University Biomedical engineering students' association (MUBESA).Collins was succeeded by Abonga Calvin who in June 2017 handed over to the current cabinet.

    As years passed the association worked behind the scenes to ensure success of the annual hospital outreaches, the last one being carried out in Masaka district, Uganda, promotion of student innovations by seeking funding for ideas, holding annual Freshman's Challenges, and staging summer schools for international students.

    eWHMak is a fully registered and empowered association.

    Activities of eWHMak
    • Annual Hospital Outreaches
    • Annual Student's Technical Training
    • Annual Engineering Medical Solution's Design Competition
    • Summer School


    The objective of the chapter shall be to promote the profession and activities of EWH through the organized effort of this group in study, research, and discussion of the fields of EWH and the dissemination of knowledge thereby gained. These profession and activities include;
    1. Ensuring a scientifically-based and creative educational experience
    2. Leaving the communities in which we work with greater capacity than we found them.
    3. Finding workable solutions through innovation and creativity
    4. Serving while partnering with local educators, hospitals and clinics
    5. Promoting self-reliance and capacity building
    6. Providing challenge without compromising safety

    The chapter will also:
    1. promote student research awareness,
    2. Identify job opportunities and options
    3. Aid fellow students in technical elective selection and
    4. Promote student/faculty interaction.

    eWHMak Design Club

    Biomedical engineering innovators club is a student’s team which is aiming at improving quality of health in Uganda through biomedical engineering. Its major emphasis is on coming up with different projects to solve the various health engineering problems in the country. The club is also looking on developing these projects into functional proto types and later on these solutions will be applied in the field of medicine.

    Below are pictorial highlights from the just concluded summer school:

    The summer camp main objective was to provide biomedical engineering services to Kawoolo Hospital, Uganda. eWhMak's signature program so far this year is the Summer School. This service engages university-level science and engineering students to use their skills and knowledge to make a direct impact on a given hospital in the country. Participants have spent six weeks Uganda, learning hands-on technical skills, the local culture and the language, and then worked in to install, repair, and maintain medical equipment. They have also trained local staff, empowering them to use and maintain equipment.

    Day one; laying of aims and strategies

    Team carrying our servicing, repair and maintenance


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      From Chapter President Kyagulanyi Ali:

      With great happiness we have completed our very first activity on the calendar. This was the EWH-MUBESA freshman's design competition challenge.

      The best two projects have been taken under the supervision of our chapter EWH design competition.

      A report about this years freshman's challenge will be out before 21st of October 2017.

      Efforts to develop the best two projects have already started.

      Special thanks to: Makerere University biomedical engineering Students Association (MUBESA) for partnering with us to the success of the event; Critical Care solutions; Engineering World Health for funding the competition.

      UBC- BEST and MUBESA for Mentoring the different grounps. The first runners up were mentored by Jessie Massong from UBC BEST


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        Blog post on Engineering World Health's website about the EWH Makerere Chapter's work:


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          In the spring, Makerere University participated in the EWH Design Competition where they received Honorable Mention for their Incubox Innovation project.

          Currently, the Makerere University EWH chapter is organizing a freshman challenge. The competition was launched on the 31st of August and the event is schedule for the 28th of September.


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            The attached document is a report from the 2018 Freshman Challenge.
            Attached Files


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              The Makerere University EWH Design Club is incubating two freshman challenge projects in collaboration with the University of British Columbia - Biomedical Engineering Students (UBC-BEST). These projects are Meraki and BOE.

              Team Meraki built a device with a servo mounted ultrasonic emitter that produces high ultrasonic waves that get reflected back to a sensor when they meet an obstacle. The sensor data is interpreted by a rocessor that determines the distance and direction of the impending obstacle and activates vibrations and a voice signal to he user. The device dubbed “Meraki Mak 1” was wearable on the hand with capability of being fitted into other accessories won by the user. The team had a functional prototype!

              Team BOE designed a Body Rehabilitation Bed to help patients with low limb function and partial paralysis. The equipment in the likeness of a Robotic Gait Rehabilitation System, RT 300 Arm and the Leg FES like designed with locally obtained materials thus making it cheap whilst maintaining its efficiency in physiotherapy.

              The wheel chair collaboration with the EWH University of Maryland chapter is continuing to move along strong.

              This chapter is also organizing a biomedical engineering hospital outreach program to be carried out in the Arua District, Northern Uganda in the first quarter of 2019.